Yulia Onosovskaya

AJ, with BA (in Theater) and Child Development Associate Credential, has over 4 years of experience of working with children, from infants to school age. “I love seeing how young children make sense of the world and hearing their questions, curiosities and grievances, – says AJ, – I value child-led, whole child learning”.

They believe that their mission is helping children make sense of the world through facilitation, partnering with families and engaging the community and dismantling white supremacy in education, to help children become empathic, critical thinkers with a strong positive connection to their identity and community.

AJ is a gamer, and they also like music and singing! Another hobby is thrifting and creating outfits with bold statement pieces. AJ, together with their partner, is a loving plant-parent: when moving to CA from Philly, they had to let a lot go, but they smuggled cuttings in their carry on to bring to their new home.