Laura R

Yulia Onosovskaya

Chef Laura has vast experience working with children in summer camps and at schools, not only cooking, but also teaching children to cook. Her young students learned how to make pizza and pasta from scratch, how to bake cookies muffins, scones and quick bread, and even quite complex dishes such as chicken marsala and spaghetti pomodoro. Chef Laura gained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University, with a minor in Food Studies, and a Certificate of Achievement for Food Safety Manager Certification and Training from Tap Series.

“I enjoy working with children because they are energetic and eager to learn. I love teaching kids cooking skills and answering their many questions. Every time I work with kids, I learn something new from them and they inspire me to see things from a new perspective. In addition, I want to have a positive impact on the future generation’s lives, teaching the kids about different ingredients, dishes, and cuisines from a young age through delicious and nutritious meals.”

Chef Laura believes that it is important to introduce children from a young age to a well balanced menu and also different cuisines, ingredients, and dishes from around the world. In doing so she hopes they will learn from an early age the importance of what we eat and also start to acquire enjoyment of different foods plus the social aspects of eating together.“Unfortunately, in our country, too often the food provided to children is highly-processed, low in nutrients and high in added sugars and fats. “Dietary diversity is essential” says Chef Laura. “During their first years, children are growing at an incredibly rapid speed. Therefore, it is vital to provide them with nutritious meals that will support their growth. Moreover, introducing different foods at a young age increases the probability of the child enjoying a wide range of cuisines throughout their lives. Chef Laura’s comments mirror ScuttleBugs’ policy of providing the children with a wide variety of interesting, healthy, and nutritious meals, all prepared on-site.

See here some of Ms. Laura’s dishes!

Chef Laura loves hiking and discovering new trails. She also enjoys snowboarding and challenges herself on new runs. She also records and edits cooking videos at home, which she learned in a Food Media course she took at college. In her younger days, Chef Laura was a gymnast and learned to walk on her hands (aka handstand walking)! Whichever way up she is, we look forward to Chef Laura’s menus!