Elizabeth T

Yulia Onosovskaya

Ms. Elizabeth enjoys when she’s able to help children with learning new things and understanding new material, but she also believes laughing, playing and doing activities as a group, doing arts and crafts is a big part of being a teacher. “It’s just really fun and I love being able to make lasting memories with them.”

Ms. Elizabeth has done both tutoring and teaching young children for about 5 years, helping with preparing lesson plans and activities for the kids. She can’t imagine her life without being able to work with children. “They’re like sponges soaking in all the new information you teach them. I believe  as an educator it is our job to make impactful choices of teaching the children how they should carry themselves in life. This is also true when creating relationships with parents, making sure we as educators show parents we are here to help their child grow to the best version of themselves that they can be.”

Ms. Elizabeth is a creative type, and enjoys being artistic when she has me-time. She relaxes while drawing with pencils or markers and bullet journaling. She also enjoys reading books and likes to collect different hard cover book versions of the ones she really likes. She also collects figurines like Sonny Angels or Japanese toy collectables. Fun fact: Ms. Elizabeth plays violin, viola and piano, violin being her favourite. She started playing violin 10 years ago.