Sheryl F

Yulia Onosovskaya

Ms. Sheryl started her career in early childhood education as a teacher’s aid. She then became a teacher, lead teacher and eventually the assistant director. In total she has been working with children aged from 18 months old to Kindergarten for 30 years – and only in 2 childcare centers!

“I love to see children grasp new concepts and to watch them grow and learn emotionally and socially. Their honesty and sense of humor always tickles me. I love to meet kids where they are developmentally. Help them feel safe and secure so that they can grow and bloom.” – says Ms. Sheryl.

Ms. Sheryl is a hockey fan! She also loves Disney and enjoys singing. “I love to sing but cannot carry a tune. I am always singing either out loud or in my head.” – she confesses. Another fun fact about Ms. Sheryl: she likes cows and always tries to read their thoughts when she drives past them on the highway.