ScuttleBugs child care center was conceived by Sam, one of our Founders / Partners. She thought if she could introduce some of the advanced and globally praised child care features from her native Australia she would find a warm welcome among parents in the US.

And so with husband Geoff (the Aussies) and two expat friends, Allan and Kim (the Brits), all with a deep passion to help kids in their adopted home, her idea for infants to Pre-K child care was born. We have been operating in Santa Clara and San Jose since 2011, and in 2023 we opened our first ScuttleBugs’ campus in Boulder.

We love being in America, particularly the melting pot that is Silicon Valley. Our parents, their kids and our teachers are from all over America and all over the world. Each child learns and participates first hand in the richness of not only our American culture but the other global cultures all around us. We love music, languages, reading and so do our kids. (OK, we also teach them to say G’day mate, fair dinkum, and cobber.)

We use advanced child care education methods such as Emergent Curriculum and Reggio Emilia. You can read more on our Curriculum Page.

We love our kids. The ScuttleBugs family (child-teacher-parent) is a three-way bond. This is so rewarding but it is also important that our kids love coming in each day to see their teachers as well as their friends. Parents can then know that truly we provide a warm, safe and loving place for their kids to learn and grow on their journey to becoming well rounded and well grounded. Ready for life’s journey…

We are delighted and humbled by our parents strong messages of support and encouragement. We will continue to deliver on and develop Sam’s original dream.

The soundtrack of our working day? The sound of happy, engaged children. We must be doing something right.

You can read our Staff bios to learn more about who we are and we hope you will explore our website.

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