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Top Six Things Every Single Dad Should Know

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It’s hard enough co-parenting, but remove one parent from the equation, and it can become overwhelming. It’s important to remember you aren’t alone, and others have been in your situation before. We can learn from our predecessors, and when you’re having rough moments, it’s good to know these six things.


Pandemic-Safe Gifts and Suggestions for Supporting a Pregnant Friend

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Preparing for a new baby can be challenging enough on its own. But being pregnant during the pandemic can come with added anxieties for parents. That’s why if you have a loved one who is expecting, now is the time to show them some extra love and care. Even so, showing up for your pregnant friend can feel impossible when COVID restrictions keep you from physically being present.


Kids With Great Deeds

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Children can show empathy to others through actions without even knowing what empathy means. Or, in other words, not even being cognizant of the concept of empathy, what they are showing is indeed empathy itself. In ScuttleBugs, empathy is everywhere. The following is not an exhaustive list of these events, but a few are presented here that I have seen in my role as a teacher.

Letter From Near the Front Lines: Steps we have taken to protect staff, families and our business

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ScuttleBugs, as a childcare provider, is considered an essential service during these COVID-19 lockdown times. We, and more importantly our incredible staff, treat this as our duty and are privileged to provide the best service we can. A skeleton staff of our teachers come in every day to provide ongoing services to the children of those amazing parents who actually are on the front lines.


Foundational Concepts of Coding Belong in Early Childhood Education

Nichole Leigh-MostyCurriculum

It is my belief that the future our children will live and work in will be very different from the one we currently know. Innovation and technology, coupled with globalization, will only continue apace and change today’s world. As a mother, I find this rather exciting for my own children. As an educator, I am careful about the choices I make regarding how best to prepare young children for challenges they will encounter as they grow. Skills and a basic understanding of computer sciences will enable our children to be technologically and digitally literate.


Ms. Perla’s View on Music in Early Childhood Development

Perla Vazquez Casas, TeacherTeachers

Music at an early age doesn’t only help to calm your baby when crying, but also has a great impact on his/her learning skills and development. Music helps them to learn about the culture in your home and even introduces them to cultures from around the world. Music also plays a very important role in support interaction and communication with your children. Children learn to read facial expressions and adults tend to be very expressive when listening to music with their children.


4 Financial Moves to Make When Starting Your Family

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Some things in life are okay to put off: listening to your voicemail, finishing that craft project, writing the screenplay your college-aged self promised you would. But when you start a family, there are some things you can’t afford to delay. Failing to put the right financial safeguards in place could leave your family in a tight spot if something unexpected happens. And if life teaches us anything, it’s that the unexpected should always be expected.

lunar new year

Lunar New Year

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Saturday, 8 February 
10 AM – 1 PM

ScuttleBugs invites you to join us for our Lunar New Year Celebration!
We will have a Chinese Acrobat Performance, Bounce House, Face Painting, Fun Clown and of course, delicious refreshments for all to enjoy.


Do you know of any good “third teachers”?

Nichole Leigh-MostyCurriculum

Our brains are complex organs that are constantly physically changing themselves. Throughout our lives, the brain re-wires itself based on new experiences and different environments. Creating rich environments in the early years, when development is taking place at a rapid pace, is very important.


Plan Your Family’s Future with These Financial Tips for New Parents

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Welcoming children into the world is a massively big change, in more ways than just one. Of course, it’s one thing to consider that you’re now responsible for raising and looking after a living human being, but the responsibilities don’t end at safety. Raising a child is expensive, and these expenses aren’t always easy to anticipate.