ScuttleBugs Boulder

Providing for your children what we expect for ours

ScuttleBugs Boulder: immediate openings for infants available.

We are at 3735 Iris Ave. Boulder, CO 80301, and our core service is an early education program, for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years, Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm.
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ScuttleBugs is so much more than just childcare. We know that the time children are at ScuttleBugs can never be repeated and is so very important as they progress through life toward adulthood and beyond. We respect this precious time with each child by our complete commitment to their individual safety, well-being and learning journey.

Safety is our #1 priority

  • Electronic sign-in/out screens in the lobby (integrated into both security and attendance software)
  • Security cameras in strategic locations
  • Expansive playground areas for all age groups. Soft-fal or synthetic turf to be installed shortly.
  • Protection from the sun at an early age pays great dividends in later life. Permanent shade materials installed over large areas of the playground providing much needed sun protection to be installed shortly. (And of course we lather our little ones in sunscreen before they go outside.) Read more about sun protection on our blog.
  • Emergency evacuation drills monthly
  • Mandatory infant/child/adult first aid/CPR/AED certification

All included

M-F, 7am to 6pm
Diapers, diaper cream, pull-ups, wipes, sunscreen, teethers, pacifiers and nap time linens: we are a full-service quality program and provide all the daily essentials: a cost-effective measure for parents’ greater convenience by not having to find, buy and supply.
Fresh meals cooked daily on-site We provide our nutritious and well-balanced meals program (breakfast, morning “tea”, lunch, afternoon “tea” and evening snack) for all the children. For our little love bugs not yet on table food, we provide formula and purees. Parents may elect for the daily vegetarian option too, and of course, we are breast feed friendly.
Daily communication with parents via an app
Parent-teacher conferences twice per year
529 College Saving Scheme: (we contribute to your child’s future college fund).
Unique structured curriculum, which incorporates a holistic approach to Education, based on seven core curriculum domains integrating the best Reggio Emilia and Emergent Curriculum
Extracurricular activities available

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”Parents are expected to care about children as if they didn’t work and work as if they didn’t have children”

The key is having separate time for each. Many parents who try to care for their babies and work at the same time, can never fully focus on these tasks and end up feeling like they’re failing both. Being a parent to a young child almost inevitably means cutting on our sleep, on time to dedicate to ourselves, friends, house or job. Which, long-term, makes us tired, irritable and stressed.

Finding an early childhood education center where your child is safe, feels happy, eats healthy and advances on their development thanks to a structured curriculum, is a necessary step for most families with young children to balance family and working time and reduce the stress.

Doubts about joining an ECE center?

I can’t trust anyone with my baby

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Without a quality early childhood education center where you know your child is being taken care of, having fun and learing new things, parents risk to reduce time they spend on their own well-being and increase feeling of guilt and not doing enough both for their children and at work.

ECE centers are too expensive

A small daycare place to drop your child off when needed may appear a cheaper alternative to structured ECE centers, but if you count all the additional costs - meals, sunscreens and diapers to supply (included in the tuition at ScuttleBugs) – and add to that your inner peace of being 100% sure that your children are safe and happy in the place where they spend a good portion of the workdays, the value is definitely worth it. Besides, eating healthy, learning to get on with their classmates, getting used to sharing toys and teachers’ attention, following rules, being compassionate with the others and also receiving developmentally appropriate and balanced education is crucial for children’s future success.

What can be better than their own granny?

Using family help or a nanny for daycare still requires a lot of day-to-day management by parents’, which can include meals preparation, activities decision-making, unexpected plans changes in case of nanny or relatives being unavailable due to whatever personal reasons they might have (particularly in the last couple of years with all the covid-related precautions). Besides, this solution doesn’t provide for your child’s balanced early education, most likely missing out on social skills (without being in contact with other kids of the same age).

Why many families have chosen ScuttleBugs?

We are recognized throughout the San Francisco Bay Area (CA) as a premier provider of early childhood development and for child care programs which balance both education and social and emotional needs, and our center in San Jose is one of not so many centers in the area which stayed open all through the period of Pandemic.

We are honored to open our first ScuttleBugs’ campus in Boulder (CO).

See below some video interviews with Parents of our Graduates! 

For every child we will cement the foundation of their growth as they prepare for their onward steps. We encourage curiosity, and engagement, especially in the areas of languages, cultures, music, our natural world and overall health.

We support our teachers, whose work is so much more than just a job. (And yes, naturally, our teachers do build emotional bonds with not just our children, but also our parents.)

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