Remembering A Founder of Early Education Principles

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Some of the quotes or examples below should be read with the understanding that this was a much different era to today. He had a remarkable mind, more so when placed in the context of his time. “Children are not people of tomorrow; they are people today” – Korczak wrote in 1919 in his work ‘How to love a child’.


Luau Party

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Join us for our fun filled Luau at The Bug. It’s from 10 AM to 1 PM on Saturday August 10th – which also happens to be ScuttleBugs Anniversary! We’ll have a bounce house, Hula Dancers (1.5 hours performance & lesson) & Happy Birds Show featuring Hawaiian birds (45 minutes) as well as Face Painting with Island themed ornaments available throughout the event. And of course, Hawaiian Barbecue & Boba Tea for all the family to enjoy. The Luau is for the families of our currently enrolled children but is also open for a limited number of potential families who have an interest in enrolling their child at ScuttleBugs – now waitlisting Infants to start in February/March 2020, plus some openings for 3yo+ kids available. We will not be conducting tours; however, it is a great opportunity for interested families to participate and meet and talk with our families and teachers. Please RSVP here to join! Luau Party was last modified: July 9th, 2019 by Yulia Onosovskaya


Let‘s talk Literacy!

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By the time children begin kindergarten, they should have already acquired the general basis of their language skills. Let us be clear about one thing: language acquisition and language development are the keys to later literacy development, and many of the everyday childhood experiences provide children with knowledge and skills essential to the development of literacy.

Mental Illness in Children

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As early educators, pediatricians and parents/guardians, given experience we are often the first to detect a-typical development in our little ones. When children are struggling with emotional, behavioral and learning challenges, teachers are often the first ones to detect a problem.

Labeling Children

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There is a lot of controversy about labeling children but of course I have my perspective on the topic as everyone respectfully does. I recently heard a parent speaking about another’s son that “he is a bad boy. Just a bad kid”. This hurt my heart to say the least.

How many engineers engage in our block corner?

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To be an engineer one must have a certain set of skills. I mean I have a lot of skills and can do many things but I would not dare to think I could ever be an engineer. So why would I venture to say a five-year-old might already have honed in on the rudimentary skills needed to be an engineer? Because it is utterly and completely true!

Why it’s important to update your Curriculum


We know childcare sets children on a path, and there is a wealth of studies that demonstrate these benefits. Key findings are reasonably consistent across these studies, and show quality early childhood programs yield benefits in academic achievement, behavior, educational progression and attainment, delinquency and crime, and labor market success, among other domains. …

Mental Health in Adults and Children: Part III

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I pretty much had a mostly happy go lucky childhood aside from a few adversities (parents divorce, some bullying, slight physical handicap). I’m grateful I’ve never borne the brunt of anxiety – sure I’ve been stressed or worried but never excessively or regularly. My personal experience with depression started as post-partum depression after my youngest was born.

Mental Health in Adults and Children: Part II

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Children, teens, and adults can have mood disorders and most do not have specific, known causes. The general consensus among medical professionals, research scientists and other therapists or specialists is that there are three main factors considered as having significant influence in patients with mental health conditions – but also recognizing the extensive research and advances science, medicine and spirit have made.

Mental Health in Adults and Children

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We all benefit in the sharing of predecessor’s experience and knowledge in trying to understand mental illness. Any mental health conditions is debilitating and permeates every aspect of the lives of individuals who suffer and those who struggle alongside them.