FUN in the SUN

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Recently we removed our three sizeable shade sails that cover the greater portion of our fenced playground to clean and service. They are now back and reinstalled ready to resume their duties of safely protecting our little one’s skins in good time for the summer.
Avoiding over-exposure among children, especially the youngest ones, is something we are very strict about at Scuttlebugs Child Care Center. The outdoor playground is shaded by the sails, and besides, sunscreen is included at ScuttleBugs, and applied each time before the kids can go outside.

Junior Preschool

One of the Scuttlebugs Activities: Cooking Project for Junior Preschool

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Part of our classroom curriculum for this week was all about cooking! We became little chefs and even created our own cookbooks! It was a great opportunity to promote healthy eating and healthy choices as a whole. We focused on the importance of washing our hands before and after every cooking experience. We also discussed the importance of eating nutritious food, and why we may get tummy aches from eating too much unhealthy foods such as candy and cake.

The “B” Word: Why do children bite?

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A child biting is never pleasant for anyone involved, even more so when it is your first experience! Or it is your own child. Whilst shocking at times, aggressive behavior of any sort is a distinctive element of infant, toddler and preschooler development . Still-emerging language skills, a fierce desire to be independent and under-developed impulse control deem children in their first 5 years as prime candidates for getting physical.

Reflecting on Life at ScuttleBugs

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As I sit and reflect on my experience with ScuttleBugs over our first 5 years, I am proud of and constantly amazed at the difference we can make together. Obviously, I truly cherish being knee deep in kids and value every moment – even though it hasn’t been all bubbles and bounce houses along the way!