Ms. Perla’s View on Music in Early Childhood Development

Perla Vazquez Casas, TeacherTeachers

Music at an early age doesn’t only help to calm your baby when crying, but also has a great impact on his/her learning skills and development. Music helps them to learn about the culture in your home and even introduces them to cultures from around the world. Music also plays a very important role in support interaction and communication with your children. Children learn to read facial expressions and adults tend to be very expressive when listening to music with their children.

Family Photo Book

Nicole Botelho, Pre-K Team LeadBag O' Tricks, Teachers

There have been so many times I have looked at some old photos and realized that I had forgotten all about those experiences. Sometimes all it takes is a picture for the flood of memories to come rushing back and that is exactly why I’m so persistent on taking photos. For myself and my family. I gather all these photos and put them into a book! …

One teachers’ life beyond ScuttleBugs: Ayzha Quidit

Allan MorrisonTeachers

Ayzha joined our team of wonderful teachers last year. She loves working with children but in her off-duty time she does something completely different: Powerlifting! Not, as she points out, weightlifting which is two lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) as practiced in the Olympics. Powerlifting combines three disciplines (Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift).

Love Is… Quotes by ScuttleBugs PreK children

Pre-K Class & Ms. NicoleTeachers

Towards the middle of February everything is about love… Red hearts, flowers and chocolates – all the symbols with personal meaning for each of us – but how do little children perceive it? Ms. Nicole asked our PreK little love bugs, what love is for them. Here are their great replies to this eternal question.

Disney Princesses and where to find them in San Jose

Nicole Botelho, Pre-K Team LeaderTeachers

I am a HUGE Disney fan! My family and I LOVE taking trips to Disneyland any chance we get. On every Disney trip my daughters and I look forward to meeting the Princesses. Of course our trips are limited due to the fact that vacations are never free. But I’ve found other ways which are much closer to home and more gentle on our bank accounts! These three places give the girls opportunities to meet princesses!

Food doesn’t come from a Box

Ms. NicoleTeachers

As a mother and a teacher I feel that our children should learn the process of how food makes it to the table by creating a connection with our Earth, and as they gain that beautiful positive energy their little minds will have a better understanding of how things/ people work together.

Learning Through Songs

Ms. NicoleCurriculum, Teachers

Songs are fun and educational. I have worked with almost every age group and singing songs is always a quick way to captivate them and grab their attention. In our Pre-K class we put everything into songs; The days of the week, Months of the year, The planets, the sounds of each letter, and The Continents. We even sing songs for every holiday to keep things exciting and festive!

PreK vs Transitional Kindergarten vs Kindergarten

Ms. EuniceCurriculum, Teachers

The start of Kindergarten is a huge milestone that we are fortunate to be a part of! It is a big celebration here at ScuttleBugs CDC, complete with a graduation ceremony and party. While this is a very exciting time, it can be quite overwhelming and downright confusing. The birthdate is typically the determinant of when a child is able to start school and which program they qualify for.

Restaurant to go to with kids

Ms. NicoleBag O' Tricks, Teachers

I very much support home cooking because cooking at home is much healthier and much cheaper than going out to eat… BUT sometimes mommy just needs a break. Being a parent means that our to-do list is never ending. The moment we think we just finished our list of tasks… about 30 more get thrown back on our list. A few of these daily tasks of course includes cooking meals, getting your children to eat that green stuff on their plate, and (the best part) cleaning up afterwards! Yay!

Reading for Infants

Ms. LaLaTeachers

I have always had a passion for books and sharing that passion with my babies has always been important to me. We read books as often as possible throughout our day. It’s so much fun for us all!