Family Photo Book

Nicole Botelho, Pre-K Team LeadBag O' Tricks, Teachers

If you know me well, you’d know that I enjoy taking pictures. I’m always that annoying and persistent person who has their camera out! hahah It is especially important to me that I take photos of my family and children because our babies just grow up way to fast. There are so many beautiful memories I want to preserve. There have been so many times I have looked at some old photos and realized that I had forgotten all about those experiences. Sometimes all it takes is a picture for the flood of memories to come rushing back and that is exactly why I’m so persistent on taking photos. For myself and my family. I gather all these photos and put them into a book! a photo album but better! When my children grow up they can have these pictures to look back on and some great stories to share.

At the end of every year I create a yearbook with our family photos. These “yearbooks” I make is basically a scrapbook that I create online using either Snapfish or Shutterfly. I love the fact that these site save the books Iv’e created so if anything ever happens to the book I will always have the option of re-ordering the same book. So if you haven’t heard of either of these sites your in for a treat! Haha These are two different online sites that you can easily upload your photos and organize them into different albums. You can even add some text to each Album if you want to write something about the photos. This is a perfect way to keep all the pictures organized and dated. I’ve heard parents express how much they regret not keeping their pictures organized. These sites make it so easy!

I upload pictures throughout the year so at the end of the year everything is already organized and ready to be plugged into a picture book. As far as picture books go, Snapfish seems to be a bit pricier than Shutterfly but I like I prefer it because there are more options. I’m too much of a perfectionist so I chose to manually plug in the photos and personalize the layout of each page BUT if this is just too time consuming there is the option of allowing the site to automatically plug in all the pictures for you!