Family Photo Book

Nicole Botelho, Pre-K Team LeadBag O' Tricks, Teachers

There have been so many times I have looked at some old photos and realized that I had forgotten all about those experiences. Sometimes all it takes is a picture for the flood of memories to come rushing back and that is exactly why I’m so persistent on taking photos. For myself and my family. I gather all these photos and put them into a book! …

Dinner – Done!

Nicole Botelho, Pre-K Team LeadBag O' Tricks

Since parenthood began my TO-DO list has never been fully accomplished. Far too often I feel like there is NEVER enough time and too many things to do. Especially during the week. Not everyone can afford hiring a nanny or chef (including myself). So what I’ve chosen to do is find quick, simple and healthy dinners.

Tidying Up

Eunice Kim, Center DirectorBag O' Tricks

It is so difficult to keep a tidy home, especially with children. The whole house becomes dedicated to children’s items and as they grow, the things they need piles up. However, don’t lose hope, because a tidier home is possible!..

9 Ways to Trick your Children into Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Yulia OnosovskayaBag O' Tricks

“I’m so hungry – can I have some chocolate?” We all know that it’s important to provide a balanced diet for our children, but sometimes we run out of creative ways to convince them to try new things and especially things they don’t like. Healthy eating habits are formed in early childhood. Here are 9 tricks to attract children to eat fruits and veggies – maybe one or two of them will be ones you haven’t already thought of – or maybe some can work just for your kid!

Stop Answering ALL Your Child’s Questions

geoffBag O' Tricks

I’m sure you’re all aware that children ask a lot of questions. I mean a LOT of questions….
• Why is the sky blue?
• Why do cats purr?
• Why are planets round?
• Where did the dinosaurs go?
• Why are there so many languages in the world?
• … and the rest….

What is Your Kid Breathing? 5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask

Amanda HendersonBag O' Tricks

Kids are resilient creatures. However, their growing immune systems are much more susceptible to the harmful health consequences of poor air quality. Allergens, illnesses and respiratory conditions can cause serious health issues in kids— even more so than adults. Do you know what factors influence the air quality right inside your own home? More importantly, do you know how to improve those factors to keep your kids safe and healthy?

Restaurant to go to with kids

Ms. NicoleBag O' Tricks, Teachers

I very much support home cooking because cooking at home is much healthier and much cheaper than going out to eat… BUT sometimes mommy just needs a break. Being a parent means that our to-do list is never ending. The moment we think we just finished our list of tasks… about 30 more get thrown back on our list. A few of these daily tasks of course includes cooking meals, getting your children to eat that green stuff on their plate, and (the best part) cleaning up afterwards! Yay!

Baby Wipes – They’re Amazing!

Ms. Lauren & Ms. AshleyBag O' Tricks, Teachers

I never realized how useful baby wipes really were until I became a teacher in the Scuttlebugs infant room. Before, I only thought of the use of baby wipes to clean a baby’s bottom or wipe your body. If you don’t already appreciate the power of a baby wipe, your mind may change by the time you’re done reading.

Taking Turns Science

Ms. GretaBag O' Tricks, Teachers

Taking turns when you are two???
Who knew this could be possible. The general thought is no way… Here are some tips and tools we use to guide a child who is learning this