Restaurant to go to with kids

Ms. NicoleBag O' Tricks, Teachers

I very much support home cooking because cooking at home is much healthier and much cheaper than going out to eat... BUT sometimes mommy just needs a break. Being a parent means that our to-do list is never ending. The moment we think we just finished our list of tasks... about 30 more get thrown back on our list. A few of these daily tasks of course includes cooking meals, getting your children to eat that green stuff on their plate, and (the best part) cleaning up afterwards! Yay!
Getting my little ones to actually sit through a meal can be a struggle at times but I've found some fun places that have food and entertainment to keep them in their seats! This means fun for the family and a special day away from the kitchen for me. I always look forward to trying fun new places to take my children but these by far are my top favorite restaurants to take all my little ones. These restaurants will guarantee delicious food and great entertainment for the whole family!

Kyotos (Campbell)

This is an amazing place! The kids have a blast watching the chef cook the food, play drums with their spatula, jungle eggs, throw food up in the air, etc.

La fondue (Saratoga)

The cheese mixture that you choice with be mixed right in front of you which my girls loved to watch. The kids get a kick out of sticking the food (assortment of pieced bread and vegetables) on the “sticks” and dipping it into the cheese… then for dessert a huge assortment of goodies are brought to dip in your choice of chocolate!


Rainforest Cafe (San Francisco)

Be warned that the infants may get scared at the big elephants and gorillas but the older ones will love eating in the middle of the jungle. The food isn’t incredibly impressive but it’s good. The environment and location is the best part about this restaurant and makes it worth the trip...They also have a balloon man come around to the tables which is always a hit with kids.

Cucini Bambini (Los Gatos and San Jose)

This is a great spot for ages 2+ because its a cooking class. It’s so much fun and at the end you and your child get to eat the diner you made together….and you don’t have to clean or wash any dishes afterwards! We’ve done the pizza and the pasta workshop before and both were deliciously fun. My daughter loved making the sauce and fettuccine pasta from scratch. The last class I took with her was more than a year ago and she still brings it up! I will actually be taking another pasta class with both of my daughters pretty soon.


Spaghetti Factory (San Jose)

There is an old retired trolley inside the restaurant where you can sit inside and eat. Honestly, other then the trolley the Old Spaghetti Factory is such a simple restaurant. Nothing to exciting...BUT we love to go and it is definitely a family favorite! My kids look forward to going and I look forward to going because the food is delicious and very affordable. After the warm loaf of bread and butter, soup, salad, choice of entrée then comes the ice cream! Our family favorite is the spumoni ice cream which gets it fighting for the bowl with the most green!