6 Summer places to go with Kids in the Bay Area

Ms. NicoleBag O' Tricks

Summer time is here and I am thrilled! I have our water bottles and sunscreen packed because there are so many exciting things to do and so many fun places to explore! I put together a list of some of the places that have my family returning every year! This list includes some of our favorite zoos, aquariums, and museums in the area!

Consistency is the Key!

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As we all know, children thrive through some form of structure and routine. When we, as parents and educators, draw boundaries for our children, they feel a sense of security. Boundaries and rules are also proven to teach children self-control and form positive relationships between the parents and children.

Indoor Rainy Day Activities for Children

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I still want to know the secret…where do our kiddos get all that energy from?! If we could tap into it we’d be Squillionaires. The rain brings a change in weather and strategy, so we should plan for inclement weather, sickness, or downtime indoor days. As a teacher and a mother I am constantly adding to my cache of supplies and imagination as a back-up plan!

How to tell if your child is too sick to go to childcare?

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As parents we teach the benefits of sharing, and while the concept is often lost on them when it comes to the latest Lego set, iPad or the tastiest treats from the Halloween haul, they ALWAYS seem extremely capable and often eager to share whatever bug they’ve picked-up. And not just picked-up … they’re like magnets.

Sleeping baby

Sleep, Wonderful Sleepzzzzzzzzzz When You Can Get It!

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Factors such as family and home life circumstance, culture/religion, and shift work to name a few, can and do influence sleeping arrangements. I don’t believe there is a right answer for where, how, and when your baby sleeps – no perfect method for EVERY young child.

Pediatrician calm baby

How to Calm a Crying Baby in Seconds – “The Hold”

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Let’s face it, those with infants have all been there – the sleep deprived nights, the constant feeding, and the inexplicable crying.
Affectionately referred to as the “Darkness” by my wife, we struggle through it as best we can.

For those currently wading through this treacle of a time period (molasses for those non Aussies), I have a ninja move that just may help.
It’s called “The Hold”, and it’s been used by Dr. Robert Hamilton in his Santa Monica pediatric clinic PACIFIC OCEAN PEDIATRICS for over a quarter of a century.