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How to Calm a Crying Baby in Seconds – “The Hold”

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Let’s face it, those with infants have all been there – the sleep deprived nights, the constant feeding, and the inexplicable crying. Affectionately referred to as the “Darkness” by my wife, we struggle through it as best we can.

For those currently wading through this treacle of a time period (molasses for those non Aussies), I have a ninja move that just may help.

It’s called “The Hold”, and it’s been used by Dr. Robert Hamilton in his Santa Monica pediatric clinic Pacific Ocean Pediatrics for over a quarter of a century.

The technique, which Hamilton calls “The Hold,” consists of four steps:

  • Pick up the baby and fold their arms snuggly across their chest.
  • Secure the baby’s arms with your hand while they’re folded. That hand also supports the baby’s chin.
  • Gently hold the baby’s bottom with your dominant hand. Use the fleshy part of your hand, not your fingers, to ensure a secure hold.
  • Position the baby at a 45-degree angle and gently rock him. The motion can be up and down, or you can try shaking the baby’s bottom.
  • The key is to make the sequence smooth and avoid jerky movements. The angle is important because it helps you keep control of your baby.

That’s it. The results are quick and wonderful in the video, as demonstrated on babies who are fussy after receiving a shot. They calm down in moments.

Hamilton has found this method will quiet 90 percent of babies, but it doesn’t work on infants who are ill or hungry – which in itself might help identify these.

Hope this adds an extra move to your baby-foo.