Taking Turns Science

Ms. GretaBag O' Tricks, Teachers

Taking turns when you are two??? Who knew this could be possible. The general thought is no way… Here are some tips and tools we use to guide a child who is learning this:

What to bear in mind:

1. Recognize that for most children the concept of sharing does not develop until 3 or 4 years of age.

2. 2 years logic dictates that what is mine is, well, MINE!!

3. As with other social development skills – consistency is the key!

4. Finding our who had the item first does not always work in resolving the struggle, offer an alternative to both children.

What activities can help:

1. Play taking turns game… make it fun… rolling a ball to each other in a circle is one of my favorites!

2. During circle time after reading a book can offer a great opportunity to ask what the child thought of the book, while asking the other children to take turns listening.

3. Language… no matter where your child is verbally, they will eventually start grasping this skill. Speaking with calmness, kindness, plus sometimes a sense of humor, is key.

4. Visual clues… if two children are struggling with an item as you are approaching pick a similar item to offer. Great examples are books, balls, puzzle pieces, blocks.

5. Asking the child when calm… doesn’t it feel better when we take turns?

6. Catch them taking turns and hand out the praises!