One teachers’ life beyond ScuttleBugs: Ayzha Quidit

Allan MorrisonTeachers

We know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone even want a life beyond ScuttleBugs. It’s weird. Working in ScuttleBugs surely would fulfill every desire in life. Plus there’s the added pleasure of knowing the kind hearted, warm and funny owners. But anyway, may we introduce Ayzha Quidit.

Ayzha joined our team of wonderful teachers last year (in 2018). She loves working with children but in her off-duty time she does something completely different: Powerlifting! Not, as she points out, weightlifting which is two lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) as practiced in the Olympics. Powerlifting combines three disciplines (Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift).

In 2016 she wanted to get back into shape but wanted more than just running and cardio and was introduced to it by a friend. She joined a gym and after 4 months she took part in her first competition. Three months later she did another, this time full on powerlifting – and she was hooked! She is now a serious competitor entering about 3 competitions each year - although last year it was 5 including, last November in Las Vegas, the World Powerlifting Championships. At this level she has an intense daily weight training and personal weight control regime.

And it seems to be working. Ayzha’s personal bests (the crucial personal measure for all powerlifters!): Squat – 315lbs/143kg. Bench Press – 185lbs/84kg. Deadlift – 330lbs/150kg. To a man who once lifted two pencils at the same time these numbers put her into the head-spinning Super Human category. Not so! says Ayzha. “I say it like its nothing as I compare myself to everyone else and people who have been lifting for a long time. But I forget that it's a lot of weight regardless.”

But it’s not just raw strength. Far from it. “A lot of it is very technical. For bench press everyone knows that it’s very chest dominant. But in powerlifting you can use a lot of leg drive in it. It's a lot about leverages. I try to use my legs in every lift if I can.”

We thought we caught Ayzha training in the classroom one day (see photo & video) but she swears she was just gurgling and gooing along with the child. And frankly we are prepared to believe someone who can deadlift 330 lbs.


Hang in there Ayzha! Good luck in taking your amazing talent and your sport as far as you want. We will be following your exploits all the way!