Love Is… Quotes by ScuttleBugs PreK children

Pre-K Class & Ms. NicoleTeachers

Towards the middle of February everything is about love... Red hearts, flowers and chocolates - all the symbols with personal meaning for each of us - but how do little children perceive it? Ms. Nicole asked our PreK little love bugs, what love is for them. Here are their great replies to this eternal question.

"Love is when you love EVERYONE! And when you give everyone a card!" - Karuna
"Love makes kisses and it makes ALL people happy! It makes people hug. It makes people make a snowman" - Amber
"I love my Tia Ne cause she always gets me healthy meat sandwiches. Tia Ne is sometimes happy and sometimes she has caramel eyes" - Amber
"I love my mommy, daddy and doggy" - Atreyu
" I love numbers, counting, and singing" - Jack
"Love means that everyone will always love! It makes you feel very happy." -  Atlas
"I love my mommy very much 'cause she brings me candy and my daddy plays tickle monster"
 - Raygan
"I love my mom and dad because they take me to Hawaii. I love my sister 'cause when my mom says 'BOO!' we hide behind the curtains." - Raygan
"I love my school friends, teachers. And my mom, my house...I love everything!" - Jayden
" nap time I go to sleep and mama and daddy give me a kiss" - Nathan
" It makes me happy. It makes me give mommy and daddy kisses" - Omar
"Mama gives me love. She gives me hugs. Mama gives me kisses." - Atreyu
"I give mama kisses for bedtime. Love makes me feel happy cause mama gives me kisses in the morning" - Silas
"I love mommy, daddy, and my brother and that's my whole family. When you love someone you give them hugs and kisses and also play with them. My mommy plays chess with me on her phone" - Samuel
"uhhh I love Ms. Nicole. I love mommy and daddy...we go to the snow. We go to the bouncing... We go to the jungle and crocodiles." - Amar
"I love my mommy and daddy. We go to Legoland" - Alex
"I love Junior. I love mommy and daddy. I love Uncle Tiki. I go skating on ice and I hold mommy hand so I don't fall myself...I drive an ambulance and fire truck. I love them cause I put my hat on and suit on." - Parker
"Love means...hugging kissing and...and I dunno! hehe" - Amelia
"love. My mommy give me a kiss on my face and puts cream on my face so it doesn't burn"
- Juno
"I love my mommy and daddy cause they love me. Love means hugging and keeping you safe from rain." - Lucas