Disney Princesses and where to find them in San Jose

Nicole Botelho, Pre-K Team LeaderTeachers

I am a HUGE Disney fan! My family and I LOVE taking trips to Disneyland any chance we get. On every Disney trip my daughters and I look forward to meeting the Princesses. Of course our trips are limited due to the fact that vacations are never free. But I’ve found other ways which are much closer to home and more gentle on our bank accounts! These three places give the girls opportunities to meet princesses!

Raspberry Lips

Raspberry Lips is located in Los Gatos. This place is absolutely adorable!! This location has these meet-and-greet events about every two months. They have two different options which changes the pricing, both of which are very affordable. The most inexpensive option is only $18 to meet the princesses. The second option is $34 but the girls are able to get a makeover before meeting them! So after our little princesses get their hair and nails done they can have some extra adorable pictures of them as they meet various Disney princesses!

Mon Amie Harlow

Mon Amie Harlow is located in Los Gatos. They have a fun play area which has an abundance of entertaining toys for our girls. The giant light-brite and the play kitchen area are both my daughters’ favorites. The girls can play in the very clean, updated and entertaining play area as they wait for Moana to come and teach them how to Hula dance! You will definitely want to make sure your phone is fully charged! After you take videos of your little girl hula dancing with Moana there will be an opportunity for her to take some pictures and plenty of time to sit and chat with her. After the girls say “goodbye” to Moana and get ready to go home they are given a Moana themed goody bag. The cost is certainly worth the experience!


Miss Ooh Lala

Miss Ooh Lala is located in San Jose. To be honest I have not yet taken my girls here. But I have only heard great things. Miss Ooh Lala is similar to Raspberry lips. The girls are able to get a makeover before meeting a Disney Princess.

Disney on Ice

Another fun Disney event is Disney on Ice! Although they do not get to actually meet the characters in person it’s still a very exciting way to spend time with your little ones. Disney on Ice usually comes to the SAP center twice a year.

All the locations that I mentioned in this blog have many other events as well so feel free to check them out online or Facebook!