Hands up!.. For Hygiene!

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It’s that time of year, colder months and bugs abound. Time to navigate the Winter Blues. Our duty of care lends not only to our kiddo’s sniffles but also their parents/family members – not to mention our teachers –and we need to collaboratively mitigate the spread of illness. Which of course we do year-round. Our first line of defense is one of the simplest, most effective, measures to prevent the spread of contagious bacteria/viruses: good old hand washing! Rest assured, we go through disposable gloves by the truck load – cleaning, diapering, food service, nose wiping – you name it!

Little hands and fingers will find their way into their owners’ – and maybe their neighbors! – Mouths, noses, literally any surface. To be honest - we’re all exposed in our daily lives to germs. So, keeping hands clean matters.

On arrival, we, or the older children for themselves, wash their hands. We do again before any meal or “messy” activity. And after. Again when we come in from outside in our playground. If they feel a sneeze etc. coming on, the kids are encouraged to blow/cough into the crook of their arm (inner elbow). If they do it into their hands then its hand washing time again. Always with anti-bacterial soap.

Wipe or blow a nose? Well single-use tissue of course. If a teacher is doing it for the child she or he will wear a glove. Or, if unable for some reason, they also will wash their hands afterwards.


Naturally, our staff and adults use the hand sanitizers dotted around the center – however, because of their alcohol content, we cannot administer to the children. (Our English owner swears he only put a glass below a dispenser to catch any drips from going on the floor. We’re watching him.)

That’s just hand washing. This is only one facet of our multi-layered approach to center hygiene and cleanliness covering floors, walls, cots/cribs, bedding, linen, toys, equipment, food and indeed the air itself. And it is also part of teaching children about personal hygiene and being healthy in a clean environment.

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