Junior Preschool

One of the Scuttlebugs Activities: Cooking Project for Junior Preschool

Ms. NicoleTeachers

Part of our classroom curriculum for this week was all about cooking! We became little chefs and even created our own cookbooks! It was a great opportunity to promote healthy eating and healthy choices as a whole. We focused on the importance of washing our hands before and after every cooking experience. We also discussed the importance of eating nutritious food, and why we may get tummy aches from eating too much unhealthy foods such as candy and cake.

Cooking is an amazing learning experience for children and covers everything from basic life skills to health and nutrition. It includes many concepts such as math, science, social and language skills.

We read the recipes aloud to the class, which introduced new vocabulary and promoted literacy. Talking through every step of an activity with your little one creates great discussion opportunities. This type of interaction helps young children gain vital verbal communication abilities. By listening and following the steps in the recipe, the children are actively working on another basic life skill – listening. The kids were introduced to the concept of volume by measuring the different ingredients, for example they took turns pouring water and other ingredients into a bowl. We all counted as a group each time a child scooped an ingredient or mixed together the ingredients in the bowl (math).

cook book

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Each child waited excitedly but patiently for their turn which again, is yet another valuable socio-emotional trait to acquire. When we finished each recipe the children were able to eat their creations – YUM YUM. During snack we talked about how helpful each child was in creating something so delicious! At the end of the week we created a cookbook for each child to take home, with the recipes and pictures of the children helping to create their culinary masterpieces. It isn’t just a cookbook you know – it’s a wonderful opportunity to create a connection between home and school. It also encourages a sense of independence and pride when each child can share their accomplishment with their family at home!

Go on – get cooking! You won’t be disappointed with the outcome, regardless if the dish isn’t perfect and the kitchen’s a mess. We bet you’ll have FUN.

Ms. Nicole