Sustainable Development and Early Childhood Education

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In my role as an Early Childhood Education (ECE) administrator with one foot in the political arena, I believed instantly that ECE would be one of the strongest paths available to us for reaching the goals set forth in the sustainable development agenda 2030. I have never shied away from advocating for the idea of investing more in ECE, creating genuine policy for ECE, and that strategic plans should be applied for better implementation of ECE programs at a national level throughout the world.

Spooktacular Fall Festival

Spooktacular Fall Festival

Yulia OnosovskayaOpen House

Join us for our Spooktacular Fall Festival at The Bug. It’s from 10 AM to 1 PM on Saturday November 2d! TThere will be a magic show from 11am-12pm as well as the usual fun, food and festivities: bounce house, balloon lady and snow cones! (We won’t have Boba Tea bar though). We hope you can join us and get another wear out of your child’s Halloween costume! This event is for the families of our currently enrolled children but is also open for a limited number of potential families who have an interest in enrolling their child at ScuttleBugs – now waitlisting Infants to start in Summer 2020. We will not be conducting tours; however, it is a great opportunity for interested families to participate and meet and talk with our families and teachers. Please RSVP to join! Spooktacular Fall Festival was last modified: October 25th, 2019 by Yulia Onosovskaya


American Academy of Pediatrics Advice on Media Use

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Working on my last blog I found this video that I thought was very useful since it contained a lot of practical advice for parents on this relatively new sphere of parenting. I considered just sharing it with ScuttleBugs Parents, but the video is about one hour long and I felt many parents might not have the time to watch it through. So, I attempted to sum everything up in a 5 minutes read. Here it goes: an extract of the American Academy of Pediatrics professionals’ advice on what parents can actually do to improve their children’s development in the world of information.

What really is Screen Time?

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Today, we can have the whole world of entertainment, information and communication in our hands all the time. Not only children, but also adults are dealing in different ways with this new possibility (addiction?) of acquiring information or communicating online at any given moment.

Could Bilingualism Be Essential to Future Success?

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My experience living in Iceland trying to ensure that my children not only learn my mother language, English, but that they are also afforded the opportunity to connect with the culture of my home country has not been easy. In all honesty I have not received a lot of support in doing so. When my children were in preschool I received mixed messages from teachers and “experts” regarding my children’s linguistic development. …

toy story

Play Time is Lost Time? Think Again!

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I took my children to the movies this past week to see the newest installment in the “Toy Story” franchise. I have always appreciated these movies for the manner in which they capture the innocence of childhood and the importance of play wrapped into an entertaining package for both adults and children to enjoy.

The Common Core: Part III. Implementation in California

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Prior to the adoption of Common Core in 2010, California used their own state standards and assessed student performance using the California Standards Tests (CST). Although it adopted common core along with 41 other states in 2010, California opted to not begin using Common Core until the 2014-15 school year.


The Common Core: Part II

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What is Common Core? Common Core is a set of standards that students are expected to learn in the subjects of English and Mathematics at the end of each grade in elementary and high school (K-12).

The Common Core Part I

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The Common Core Standards Initiative known more widely as “Common Core” was introduced into the nation’s public schools almost a decade ago however many people still have a very poor or rudimentary understanding of what it is and how it has affected the nation’s school systems.