Kids With Great Deeds

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Empathy… it might be a big word for children to process whether denotative or connotative. So, what is empathy? Taken from the website of greatergood.berkeley.edu, “emotion researchers generally define empathy as the ability to sense other people’s emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling. ”

Children can show empathy to others through actions without even knowing what empathy means. Or, in other words, not even being cognizant of the concept of empathy, what they are showing is indeed empathy itself.

In ScuttleBugs, empathy is everywhere. The following is not an exhaustive list of these events, but a few are presented here that I have seen in my role as a teacher.

In the Playground...

It was another day filled with laughter and cheer. The children were playing nicely. It was almost a perfect kind of weather – not too warm, not too cold. Most of the children were playing in groups, with their usual playmates. Others were enjoying playtime alone, which gave them a perfect “me time” moment. Running, walking, riding a tricycle or pedal-car, sliding, jumping, playing with toys – these were just some of the outdoor activities done by the children.

It might be another ordinary day, but it was not. It was a special day to witness one of the great deeds done by children. When a group of children kept on running, a child accidentally fell. Fortunately, no bruises, no injuries, no crying. The child was totally fine. The playmates came to the rescue and asked if the child was hurt. They helped their friend and they all continued to play. It might be a simple gesture but it was indeed a great act.


At nap time…

During nap time, everyone is encouraged to sleep. Much of the time, children ask for help from teachers to help them sleep. Some can sleep on their own. There are times when others feel like playing during nap time, which is not an appropriate time to do so. Teachers usually explain that nap time is for sleeping and not for playing.

In one instance, some of the children were still talking when they were supposed to be sleeping. Another child banged a table and tried to reach for a toy. This was a great opportunity to explain to them in a nice way again, that their help is needed. Being quiet during nap time is a great help they can give because some of their friends were already sleeping. In addition, it was a moment to teach them that there is a right time for everything such as playing, storytelling, and nap time, among others. After this, the child said “I am sorry” and tried to sleep. Then, the rest of the children in the classroom said “I am sorry” one by one. It ended up that the whole class slept during nap time!

It matters to show the children that they are needed and they can help in their own special way. Appreciation of a simple act of kindness can give the children huge encouragement. Truly, they are kids with great deeds!