True Funny Story or the Billy-Tron

Sam PenmanUncategorized

“Hello Mr. & Mrs. Smith,    Billy had a very difficult time choosing a narrative-writing topic today.  He wanted to write about a time he was in his underwear and I told him that was neither school-appropriate nor a meaningful moment.  I have tried to have conversations with him to help guide his thinking and he constantly tells me, "I don't know."  Perhaps you might be able to help him choose a topic that will lend itself to a story.  Thank you for your support. “
After receiving that worrying email from our son’s teacher, I was intrigued about Billy’s inappropriate story, and asked him about the underwear. He was adamant that it had nothing to do with underwear, and he wanted to write about Billy-Tron. As an aside, Billy-Tron is a robot suit we made. I asked again where the underwear came into it because I still didn’t understand. He responded that he also didn’t know, and all he said was that he wore boxes.
Here’s a picture of Billy. If he is wearing his boxers I could not say but I do know he is wearing his boxes. Happy days!