Lunar New Year Event at ScuttleBugs

Nicole Botelho, PreK Team LeaderOpen House

One of my favorite things about San Jose is how beautifully diverse is our melting pot! Our ScuttleBugs teachers and families and kids reflect this so perfectly.
Within just a few miles radius of our school you can find restaurants that serve Cuban, Spanish, Indian, Portuguese, Persian, Brazilian, Afghan, West Indian, Ethiopian, Italian, Moroccan, Filipino, Greek, Korean, Lebanese, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Japanese, Burmese, Peruvian or Soul food – pause for breath - and the list doesn’t stop there! Throughout our community there are events, festivals and holiday celebrations from every culture. We have it made here in the Bay and I never want to leave!

At ScuttleBugs I am so proud to say that we truly embrace the beauty of Diversity. Just this past weekend we had an event to celebrate and welcome the Lunar New Year. We have similar events about once each quarter. This event was open to existing families and to the public. It was such a great day!

We all enjoyed delicious Chinese food and were entertained to an amazing Chinese acrobat show! Juggling, balancing, impossible contortion! All the children were also very excited to jump in the bounce house (while some adults looked on wistfully 😂) and get their choice of balloon characters. Elsa, Anna and Lighting McQueen seemed to be some of the most popular choices 😂. Our little ones also kept busy painting the colorful dragons and putting together their festive lanterns.


Of course we all enjoy our traditional American holidays but we also really enjoy having these events as we get a chance to celebrate and enjoy, not to mention learn about, some of the peoples, cultures and histories from our own back yard and around the world. And, anyway who needs an excuse to celebrate something!