Destiny R

Yulia Onosovskaya

Ms. Destiny, with an Associates Degree in Child and Adolescent Development, says she enjoys working with children because they inspire the best in her. “I adore that we, as early childhood teachers, play such a significant part in their early years of development. I enjoy watching them and guiding them to achieve their little and big milestones.” – says Ms. Destiny.

She thinks that her profession helps her to develop the skill of being open-minded and she is learning from little ones and in particular their imagination. In her own words, “Children are unique because they have such a vivid imagination. I strongly encourage imaginative play because it enables children to think past their pretend limitations. Additionally, supporting hands-on learning helps kids understand concepts and maintain focus.”

Ms. Destiny enjoys traveling by car, board games and painting. Sun, sand, and the sea is pretty much a description of Ms. Destiny’s happy place. In her personal rating, the playas in the state of Guerrero, Mexico, are the absolute winners, while her favorite beaches in the US are the beaches in San Diego.