Jeni T

Yulia Onosovskaya

Ms. Jeni loves travelling. Here are a few of her incredible adventures: she has been to Alaska doing a safari on glaciers, climbed the Great Wall in China and have been sky diving in Monterey!

 Ms. Jeni believes in kindness, respect and inclusiveness, and considers learning through play the key for early childhood development. “I like to engage individually and as a group to reach each child. – says Ms. Jeni. – I read to them, do the circle time and crafts. I always enjoy working with children because of their creativity, how they express themselves and how witty they can be. I also like talking to parents because it helps to better understand the kids.”

Ms. Jeni has a BA in Child Development as well as a Competency Award in Communications. Besides, she is a professional Massage Therapist.