Michael F

Yulia Onosovskaya

Mr. Michael, ScuttleBugs center director, has been working with children since 2012. His experience includes the role of an Area Manager and Child Care Director, as well as Infant Teacher, Preschool Teacher and Master Teacher. He received his education from De Anza College, he has a Master Teacher and Site Supervisor Permit issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

“I believe in whole child learning, every aspect of the child matters. – says Mr. Michael. – I want nothing more than a child to reach their full potential, but we can only do that by meeting their every need. The children’s education and life outcomes depend on their access to safe and robust learning environments and rich learning experiences. I love providing safe, happy and loving care to children. Each child is unique and they learn in their way and we need to harness these needs so that they can be successful.”

Mr. Michael says that children, including his own, teach him every day. He’s a father of 3. He’s an Army veteran, he loves gaming and has a lizard collection –  he once had 17 in his house! His favorite is his Northern Blue Tongue Skink (Australia).