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We are at 3291 Stevens Creek Blvd., San Jose, CA,and we’re a highly rated childcare center.
You are a dedicated teacher and you take great pride seeing the children grow and flourish.
We are looking for ECE professionals like you to hire for our open job positions of Infant Team Lead and Toddler Team Lead.
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Infant / Toddler / Preschool Teacher

We are searching for passionate teachers.We are an equal opportunity employer that welcomes diversity in our team members, children and families.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Schedule: 4 or 8 hour shift, M to F (not working on weekends)


401(k) - Dental insurance - Employee discount - Health insurance - Life insurance - Paid time off - Referral program - Tuition reimbursement - Vision insurance

ScuttleBugs cultivates a close and mutually supportive relationship with all our staff as we endeavor to provide a happy, engaging and rewarding workplace.

These conditions, we believe, support and benefit our staff, the children in their care and the business itself.

We take our business very seriously - but we try and have some fun too!

If you are interested in current or future employment opportunities with ScuttleBugs Child Development please apply clicking on the button below.

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Why ScuttleBugs is the right choice for your ECE career

We're a business-like structured organization working according to a set of processes, where you won't have unexpected tasks and will not suffer lack of communication

Nevertheless, we are a small team where people look out for each other

Each of our classrooms has its own team of co-teaching educators

The team member who has worked with us the longest has been on board since 2016, and Ms. Linda has been our center director since 2019. You can see your future team members' bios on our staff page.

We’re extremely serious about our curriculum. You will be working with Ms. Sarah, our Program Manager, to reach the teaching/learning goals for your classroom

Before starting working with us, you will go through a thorough orientation process (about a week): we want our team members to be comfortable when they start working in the classroom and to set them up to succeed. Of course, this is best for the children too

We have 3 PDD days per year: we take time to make sure the team has an occasion to learn about updates in the ECE field and to bond. Our PDDs are not just the usual couple of supposed-to-be-fun activities, but are real learning experiences that contribute to our teachers' professional growth.

We also organize obligatory first aid and CPR courses for all the staff.

The experience of working at ScuttleBugs will help bring your professionalism to a new level and you will acquire valuable skills that are not easy to find in the world of ECE.

We offer a competitive salary.

ScuttleBugs owners are not "all about profit", they are truly supportive of the employees and understand the teachers' perspective.

We are recognized throughout the San Francisco Bay Area (CA) as a premier provider of early childhood development and child care programs that balance both education and social and emotional needs, and our center in San Jose is one of very few centers in the region which stayed open all through the Pandemic.

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What is working at ScuttleBugs is like?

The children's enrollment process at ScuttleBugs is a mutual assessment: we need to make sure upfront that the partnership between the center and the families is going to be long-lasting and successful. This applies to getting to know our future team members too.

So, what to expect while working as an early childhood educator at ScuttleBugs?

  • We have a curriculum for all ages and our teachers work with children towards reaching their learning milestones. Ms. Sarah, our Program Manager, works with classroom teams in order to help children with their goals and make sure the children thrive and develop in the classroom they're in (or transition to the next one.)
  • Teachers communicate with parents daily via an App (sharing photos or other information)
  • Early childhood educators are professionals and our dress-code policy supports that
  • We take pride in the appearance of our classrooms and the playground
  • We will ask you for your baby photo (for the website staff bio page 😍)
  • Be prepared for jokes and laughter. And sorry, we can't guarantee there will be no Australian or English Humor

In short, working as an early childhood teacher at ScuttleBugs is about education, and is much more than just watching children. It is a professional environment where teachers feel motivated and challenged, but also enjoy being a part of a happy place for children. And staff.

Forget about daily lack of supplies and support, unexpected tasks and feeling undervalued. Come and join the fun that is Team ScuttleBugs and concentrate on what it is really all about: children's development.

Your work as an ECE professional doesn't have to be stressful...

You often feel stressed before even starting your day. You have to face the same issues, problems and requests every day. These roadblocks don’t allow you to give the children all the necessary care, attention and resources. You have to provide supplies by yourself. You feel no support from management and go back home at the end of the day stressed and can’t even enjoy your free time.

If any of this rings a bell - it is time for a change.