Pre-K Graduation ceremony 2017

Pre-K Graduation 2017

Ms. Sumita N., Pre K Team LeaderTeachers

We just had our graduation last week!

Our Pre-K kids had a lot of fun choosing some of the songs and coming up with their own body movements – dance moves! – to go with the lyrics. Even though they created some last minute changes onstage, they were so natural you wouldn’t think they were unplanned! The kids were all incredibly excited to perform in front of their families. Our turnout was great, and each and every family was there when the curtain went up. Show time!

Pre-K Graduation ceremony 2017

For the last few weeks we have been so busy practicing, picking outfits and so on, that I didn’t quite comprehend that their impending graduation will also be our official goodbye. Some of these children have been with us from infancy; it must be a huge milestone for these families to leave ScuttleBugs behind as they move forward onto the next steps of their lives. But these kids always leave a part of themselves with me and that remains in my heart forever.