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Stories from the front line

Ms. Lauren, Substitute teacherTeachers

I have been a substitute teacher at ScuttleBugs Child Development Center for a little over a month now. It is definitely one of the better schools that I have been given the opportunity to work at. In the beginning of my time at this center, I was actually facing the decision between Scuttlebugs and another childcare center located in a different city which I also found to enjoy. After much consideration, I realized there was no contest. I ultimately chose to continue working at ScuttleBugs, and I will tell you why.

ScuttleBugs has an amazing team of directors who are willing to listen to you and understand where you are coming from regardless of if you are a substitute teacher. I had encountered a challenging work situation. When I had decided to discuss it with one of the directors, she made me feel comfortable with talking to her about my problem and we were able to come up with a cooperative solution.

Due to mainly being a floater during my first few weeks at the center, I was able to connect with each of the teachers very easily. Each class is a little different, and I found that they are easy to get along with which really enables you to work better as a team in the classroom. I feel I have bonded with these individuals more than I can say that I have at other schools I have been assigned to.

Another thing I have noticed at this center is they don’t refer to substitutes as “substitutes,” but as “temps.” I have felt that the directors and teachers at the school have a higher respect and appreciation towards me and my assistance throughout the school day more so than most other schools, and I truly appreciate that ScuttleBugs has an amazing, friendly staff with an organized flow throughout the school day. I love returning every day to help out, and I hope they wish to continue having me.