The Creative Minds of Children

Bernadette LimTeachers

There are so many ways that children can be creative and express themselves through art mediums.  Art is a prime example of how children relate and reflect the world around them and themselves. There are so many artful opportunities everyday (even using suds in the tub to make a mural) and we encourage you to share in these moments with your little one – unleash your inner Picasso.
In the Toddler classroom at ScuttleBugs, I really enjoy watching our children discover the wonders of art.  It amazes me how they can figure out which colors, when mixed together, can become another color.  They get so excited and they want to experiment more.
I also love how art can be so open-ended for children.  They have the opportunity to create their own design on their paper.  Even if they cannot hold a marker or crayon properly, they still have the ability to scribble on a paper – although surely for them it has meaning. It’s just we adults who may not yet see it!  For children who are a little older, they have such a wild imagination that they draw the most interesting pictures.  They can – and do - go on and on about what they have drawn!
Art opens the minds of children – definitely a hands on sensual experience.  They have occasions to understand what paint feels like on their hands; how marbles can create a design when rolling around in paint; how mixing 2 colors can magically create another color; how using objects of nature can be stamps for art.
I think the creative possibilities in art make it one of the many ways that children can uniquely express themselves and learn how to tell a story. And the limitless options of art encourage and stimulate endless creativity in our little ones!