Chronicles of a silly teacher

Perla Yarley CasasTeachers

Does Being Silly Really Help My Child?

When my niece was born I thought the main thing kids needed was protection. But as she started to grow up I realized I was not exactly right. She also needed other, and very important, things, for her development. One thing in particular was surprising. Today I want to talk about a very unusual topic: how being silly with your kids can help with their personalities and development. Being silly helps them to develop the ability to bond. To feel comfort and safety, and cope with stress.
When I play with my niece not only is she having fun but also I’m joyful because I love interacting with her. By me bonding with her I am giving her confidence and happiness. And if she is sad or mad I am changing her mood andthis helps her cope.When she is sad or mad I just start making silly faces and noises and always get a smile out of her. Being silly is the best way to change your child’s mood.
I love bonding with my niece because as she is growing up I realize that she trusts me because she knows I can understand her, and her silliness as well. I also realize that when we are acting silly she feels safe and comfortable because she can be herself when she is playing or just around me. I have observed her personality when she is interacting with some people. It seems she does not have the same confidence as when she plays with me. Is it because she can’t be herselfshe can get stressed and bored faster? But even if this is so, it is another learning moment for her as she develops her confidence to be around other people. It is beautiful to see.

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Now I have work to do. I must plan my next seriously silly moments with my niece!