And now… A Letter From Our Cook!

Joana Cruz, CookTeachers

I have been the on-site cook at ScuttleBugs since we first opened our doors in 2011. I’d like to take some time to talk about our children and food, and have 7 years of experience to draw from!

I always try my best to be creative (but realistic) in the dishes I make to encourage the little ones to eat, or at least try new food. Our menu reflects our diversity with recipes from around the globe.

I’m not going to lie though. Sometimes the kids just don’t like a particular dish or ingredient. They are the true judges of my work – they’re brutally honest, very vocal, and certainly let me know! Rather than not make that meal again, I listen to their feedback and try to tweak the recipe making a few changes and voila – they love it! Rather than giving up on something they dislike – I try to make some changes and re-offer another time. They say people need to try food/beverages at least 7-8 times before they acquire a palate for new foods, or decide it’s not to your taste.

Myself and the teachers always encourage our children to eat their fruit and vegetables as we all know this food group is essential from a young age. And we try not to let them fill up purely on carbs or one portion of the meal to ensure a balanced healthy diet.

Our families are constantly asking me to share my recipes, which I love to do. It just takes me a bit of time to write it up as I don’t necessarily use a recipe book. I cook instinctively and from the heart. Plus, some recipes change over time depending on the children’s taste. I will work on compiling “Joana’s Kids Cook Book”, and of course happily share with you all when done.

Editor Comment:

"Dear Reader, Ms. Joana is indeed one of our treasures at ScuttleBugs. All she writes here is true. But may we add a thought: Ms. Joana and her food trollies are met with screams of delight and happiness as she enters each classroom. Mainly from the kids! This is not because we starve them. (We don’t) It’s because the kids are truly happy to see Ms. Joana and they love her food.

Good, tasty, nutritious food. Health. Happiness. Vital ingredients for life. They’re all important parts of our “ScuttleBugs Way”.