Funny Kid

Out Of The Mouths Of Babies and Infants… (or Why Our Brave Childcare Teachers Sometimes Cannot Keep A Straight Face)

Ms. Tiffani, Preschool Teacher's AideTeachers

In my humble opinion, pure honesty and humor comes from the mouths of babes! As a teacher I spend most of my day laughing and having a great time with the children, greatly because of the funny but blatantly true remarks they make. Here are just a few recent interactions we’ve experienced in Preschool at ScuttleBugs.

Me: “Z, did you take a full nap?”

Z: “No Ms. Tiffani, I only took a cat nap” 


Ms. Lilly: “Do I have something on my face?”

Little Miss: “Uhm no nothing, just a few little pimples..”


Teacher: “I smell something, who has a poo?” *We check a few of our children in diapers/potty training*

Master D: “That’s just my fart!”


Teacher: Say "cheese"!..

Funny Kid

"Did you put your jacket on all by yourself?” - “I sure did”! 

Me: “How is your baby brother V doing?”

Big Sis B: “He’s good, he’s 1 years old now!

Me: “Awesome! Is he walking yet?”

Big Sis B: “Mmm he actually waddles”,as she then shows me her accurate interpretation of little bro’s (in Infants) toddling motions. 


During lunch time Boy N was chewing his food. Lunch must have been super scrumptious for him that day because he told me "This tastes so yummy I don't even want to swallow it!".


As a slight joke to Big Bro B (Lil’ Sis in Infant/Toddler program) the Preschool team said “We gave Baby A some ice cream” to which he promptly replied “That’s okay, just don’t give her solids, she can’t have those yet.”

These are just a few of the conversations we’ve had with the children. I couldn’t help but laugh out-loud and hope you did too. Innocent joy - they sure are full of humor! I love capturing these moments and encourage you to do the same. Especially in this day-and-age of technology “Screenage” blog by Ms. Sam and Ms. Eunice), there are no excuses not to record such instances (live video, photos, notes on your phone/computer, “old school” scribbling on a piece of paper etc.). You’ll definitely want to as they come thick and fast, and we all want/need to retain these fond memories as long as we can!