Indoor places to go

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In summer time there are endless possibilities of fun activities to do and fun places to go but on those rainy days your options are limited. Sometimes you just gotta get out of the house! Luckily, I’ve found some local indoor places to take my children to minimize the noise complaints from our downstairs neighbors. Haha!

One of my childrens’ favorite places to go is Bounce-a-rama which is located in the Great Mall. I really like that they have “Jr.” section with smaller and age appropriate bounce houses for the younger ones. Adults cannot jump on the inflatables but if you are aiding your child it is okay. I remember bringing my youngest daughter when she was only a year old and she absolutely loved it! I would be there holding her hand as she jumped and I would go down the slide with her. I actually just recently took both my girls last to Bounce-a-rama. My girls are 2 years old and 7 years old and they love it. Every time we go my girls ask if we can spin the wheel. We go inside the mall to spin the wheel they have set up with a staff member. Each child gets a turn to spin and a chance to win a prize. They have won tokens, and free slices of pizza. Bounce-a-rama even host birthday parties which is where I had my oldest daughters 4th birthday and I really enjoyed that they took care of everything for me. So I would definitely check this place out! They are very clean, have a variety of age appropriate arcade games,prizes and great pizza! in my opinion it’s just a much upgraded version of Chukee cheese.

Sky high is a trampoline park that are more geared towards are preschoolers, pre-krs and parents! I have blast taking my kids there because mommy and daddy can do front flips into the foam pits too! Haha.

Safari run in Sunnyvale is great little place but you do need to keep in mind that they are only have open play during the week because they host birthday parties on the weekend. I am actually hoping to plan my son’s 1st birthday party here. One of our friends hosted their child’s birthday party there and it was very cool. They catered to a variety of ages by playing different games and they have a little section for the younger crawling babies and young toddlers.
Discovery museum is a fun place for toddlers, prechoolers and the Pre-k age even older. My 7 year old still enjoys going. Although It can get extremely crowded on the weekend and holiday. But I wanted to add this one on the list because it is fun place to take your child. So if you have that extra vacation time from work to use up ...what a great way to take a day off to spend with your child! They have a huge variety of activities there! My children had always spend the majority of their time at water play area. They have so many neat things there!