10 Best Places for your Children’s Birthday Party near Santa Clara

Ms. NicoleTeachers

Throwing a Birthday party for your child can be stressful especially if you are a perfectionist like me! Although it’s all worth it when I see that happy smile on my baby’s face surrounded by all her friends and their families. My oldest daughter’s birthday is in November so I always have to find indoor places to host her party. These are the places we’ve experienced Bay Club of Santa Clara, Bounce-a-Rama, Airborne Gymnastics, our house and I’ve rented community rooms at some local parks. Bay Club of Santa Clara has some pretty great packages and a beautiful environment.


TThe birthday party at Airborne Gymnastics is my top pick because the children I invited ranged from 1 to 12 years old and this facility catered to all of their needs. You get the entire gymnasium for the duration of your party and one or two staff members to assist. The gymnasium is huge and they have an area just for little ones (crawlers to toddlers) so while they venture off on the carpet or using the gymnastics equipment, the older ones are with the staff member jumping on the various trampolines, falling into the big foam pits, and playing different games. Then they will take the entire group upstairs for food and cake and the staff members assist with EVERYTHING!

If your child has a birthday in winter or maybe you are worried that having an outdoor birthday may be too hot during summer I have a list of some other great places to check out. These are places that we’ve gone to celebrate friends’ birthdays’;

1. Safari Run (Sunnyvale). Another great place if the children are diverse in age range. They have a small lounge area for parents/guests and even have a little area for the crawlers (although for the price you would get more for your money at Airborne Gymnastics).

2. Pump it up (San Jose)

3. Sky High (Santa Clara)

4. Silver Creek Sportsplex (San Jose)

5. Rasberry Lips (Los Gatos) This is great place to host for a group of fashion inspired girls because they get their hair done, get manicures and create their own lip-gloss

6. Cucini Bambini ( San Jose & Los Gatos) This was an amazing place for the older kids(3+) to become mini chefs! The price is very reasonable because it includes the food and cake which the children get to make during the party. The type of food depends on what package you pick.

7. Scuttlebugs...Yes, we offer birthday party packages too! Inquire with our head office for details.

But parents, don’t feel guilty if you do not throw a birthday party every year for your child because there are other fun ways to celebrate! Instead of a birthday party you can take your child on a fun trip whether that be to Disneyland, Legoland, Seaworld or just your home, a nearby park, zoo or aquarium. Any way to spend some fun quality time together and celebrate life’s milestones is a blessing!