Happy Birds Show

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Last week we had an in house activity - Happy Birds Show, starring beautiful, colorful Parrots. After the show elder children drew a picture each, and these are some of hilarious and curious things they said about their drawings:

"This parrot is flying and this one too... This one is flying with a speaker... My birds like eating nuts and seeds" - Darshan

"I tried drawing a rainbow bird and she's holding a cup!" - Sara

"My mom was carrying this bird and it got babies in its belly. Then is had eggs. Then there were chicks. And there were cock-a-doodles too. One of them gave me a kiss on the cheek. There was a rainbow one and it pooped" - Raygan

"This bird is doing the bike, and this one is on a skateboard!!"..."Wait what are these called...Yeah Parrots!!" - Etzli

"It's complicated but these are birds in the shelter" - Ryker

"The birds are trying to walk" - Zain

"My birds...are...ummm….just breaking some nuts!" - Samuel

"The parrot is laying eggs. This table is from the show." - Soren

"This is a big bird. A fruit bird" - Aariv