Getting used to a New Place

Ms. DarrianeTeachers

When I started working with children I already knew that children become attached to you the more you are around them. I thought it was interesting how children do that and when I started working in my current job many of the children got close to me. But there is one child in particular that I want to talk about. I would like to refer to this child as Baby M. The child was barely starting in the room I was going to work in when I first started. We already had one thing in common: we were starting at a new place and at first we did not know exactly what to do.

love working with children and this job was my first official job as a teacher so I was really excited as I was finally working in a job that was my career choice. I remember my first day well. I got to work right away with the children and I remembered some of them as I was first a substitute in the classroom before I was officially hired at the center. But there was one child I didn’t remember as I had never met him before. The child was Baby M, who was officially starting in the toddler room.

Baby M was shy at first in the room and I can say I was the same way. At first Baby M cried a lot as he was not used to the room or the routine that happened in the classroom. I remember he would cry if another child got close to him as he did not recognize the other child. Due to his crying I wanted to comfort him so I carried him to help him stop crying. And it did help him to stop crying but since I carried him a lot he grew attached to me.


That Baby M was very attached to me, the other teachers could tell, since whenever I left his side he would cry. He would also cry if I left the room whenever it was time for my breaks. But, over time, that changed as Baby M got used to the classroom and the routines. And nowadays? Well he goes off on his own and plays with other children. I see him having fun with other teachers and his friends and he is far more smiley and happy although he still occasionally comes to my side to hug me and wants to be carried.

He is a very lovable little guy and loves to give hugs to me and his other friends. It has just been a great journey to see him grow from being so shy at first to a more adventurous little explorer. It is just one example of how I have seen the children I work with grow up and which makes me so happy and proud of them all. I help them learn while they teach me more about myself. It just makes feel so happy to be a teacher as I know I make a difference in their lives.