Arina S

Yulia Onosovskaya

Ms. Arina brings nearly 10 years of professional cooking experience with her. She has worked for catering companies making dishes from a range of cuisines for a varied clientele. She has also worked cooking for children at another Preschool.

Ms. Arina’s first experience cooking, dating back to many years ago when she and her partner were young parents of 3, is still fresh in her memory:

“The first time I made fried chicken, I forgot the oil and wondered why it wasn’t frying up!!

That didn’t discourage me!! I kept pushing, and eventually I grew from dreading making food to really enjoying creating interesting and tasty dishes. … My love for my kids motivated me as a mother, and forced me to learn things out of my comfort zone.”

Ms. Arina loves the fact that cooking allows one to transform even simple basic ingredients into something extraordinarily tasty!! She most enjoys making soups, sandwiches & sauces.

“Working with children, you get to be silly and they keep your energy level high. You learn from them, they bring out your creativity and, my personal favorite, they show love in the purest form.” – says Ms Arina. At ScuttleBugs she finds it amazing that children at such a young age are opened minded to trying different types of foods – without being bribed!

In her free time, Ms. Arina loves to spend time with her children and her 5 (!) dogs. She also loves to sing at home although she admits that she’s repeatedly told that she shouldn’t!