Audrey T

Yulia Onosovskaya

Ms. Audrey has 3 years of experience working  with young children in the classroom, as a tutor and nanny and is working on her Major in Childhood & Adolescent development at San Jose State University.

“I enjoy working with children because I find interacting with them and being in their company to be genuinely fun! Children’s energy is so contagious, you truly feel that they are feeling. Also, being able to witness and be a part of their development is reward within itself.” Ms. Audrey believes in close collaboration with parents for every child’s individual early educational path.

Ms. Audrey’s all-time favorite hobby is singing! She admits to be unable to go a day without singing. She seriously considered a career of a musician and has 13 years of experience playing piano and 4 years of vocal lessons. Other hobbies, in her own words, include “dancing, crafting, knitting, playing with my two cats, thrift and spending an unreasonable amount of money at Disneyland.” Ms. Audrey’s entire family are Annual Passholders at Disneyland and they visit the Parks about once a month! Her older sister even has her own Mickey ears business where she sells custom-made Disney ears.