Jessica H

Yulia Onosovskaya

Ms. Jessica loves reading, journaling and going to concerts – especially those of Harry Styles! As a huge fan of Friends (the T.V. show, not the group of people – well, obviously she likes them too but…..), Ms. Jessica has an uncanny ability to provide a Friends reference for most situations. “I’ll be there for you”! Every year she rewatches the entire show! Ms. Jessica also confesses that she likes dancing even though she’s not good at it.

Ms. Jessica loves working with children because it gives her a possibility to contribute in helping them achieve their milestones and creating a safe and stimulating environment for them.  She says, she was inspired to become a teacher by her teachers who created a safe environment and were there to support her… “Thanks Ms. Rosa!”.

At the moment she’s working on her Associate Degree in Child Development (graduating in fall 2022, yay!). Ms. Jessica has worked with children at the school she attended as a child.