Why do children need routine?

Ms. AnnaTeachers, Uncategorized

Routine gives children security. It helps them develop self-discipline. It gives them the structure into which, and around which, they can fit all the new experiences they encounter as they learn about life and their world and their place in it.
There are so many things that change throughout our life, especially in a child’s life. For an example: their social development, their cognitive development (Learning to read, write, and problem solve), their home, what they eat daily, their teachers, and much more. Remember, with young children they are always on receive and are starting with a pretty much blank canvas. So much of what they see and hear they do so for their first time and they have to process these events and learn what they mean and how they affect themselves.
Handling change for anyone can be hard and stressful, let alone our little kiddies who are just learning how to control and cope with their emotions. Also remember, almost every single thing that occurs in the life of a child is triggered by someone else! They have no control over either the events that appear in their life and little control over how those events unfold. For every new thing that appears, even as adults, we all have to do an instant assessment and decide how we react to it. And, not surprisingly, with very young children who are seeing most things for the first time, even mundane every-day matters can seem alarming. For example thunder, a crowded shopping mall or a doorbell. Or a new breakfast cereal!
It's not about avoiding change because change (new events) happens all the time. It’s about being able to deal with change or new events which is why a routine, a structure, is so important. Children handle change the best when it is expected or when they are eased into a new environment or situation. Routines teach children how to control themselves in their environments. For an example: Children who have no specific time or work space might have a hard time learning how to sit down and finish a task.
Having routine does not mean you have this strict, boring way of life, the purpose of it is to make life easier and cozier for our children. It is okay to break the rules and have some fun – surprise visit from granma and grandad anyone - but when you add a little routine to both those you get a fun awesome time. Without the parents going crazy 🙂