Bee Happy

Ms. NatashaCurriculum, Teachers

We had a week in May when we learned a great deal about BEES!!

We learned how bees retrieve nectar, transfer nectar, and turn nectar into a golden liquid. We learned that not all bees have the same job but work together to create a beautiful liquid that we humans add to our tea, use to help heal wounds, help our digestive system, and soothe our throat. And we learned that that beautiful Golden liquid is called HONEY!


And there’s more! Not only did we learn how bee’s make honey... but we learned how to dance like a bee in clockwork motion by bouncing from one foot to the other in a circle and flapping our arms.

Darshan’s Aunt Ms. Shilpa, was kind enough to teach us about making a home for bees. Bees and humans work closely together. Humans make a home for them; a man made box that they use as a home. In this box, humans insert frames for the bees to build their honeycomb.

HOLD ON! Before we start making a new home for our little buzzing friends, we need to protect ourselves! How do we protect ourselves? By wearing a Ventilated Jacket and a Square Veill; or what our Pre-k friend Darshan would call it a helmet.

He said: "You have to wear the helmet so you won’t be stung by the bees. Only girl bees sting you too.”


Our Pre-k class was extremely excited when we were able to touch and feel a real honeycomb. Another one of our Pre-k friends, Minuet, asked: "Why is the honeycomb so dark and sticky?" Ms. Shilpa explained the reason the honeycomb was dark because it was old and that a new honeycomb is white.

Finally, we were able to taste the pure sweetness of real raw honey which most of our Pre-k friends devoured in seconds and were soon begging for more! It was a wonderful experience for our little ones.